2000 Pop's Moon Palace 500 Fantasy Edition

NASCAR 2000 Season Fantasy Edition (Pops' Moon Palace 500 @ Atlanta Motor Speedway, March 12th, 2000) Edit

Notes Edit

  • Curse-words will be censored out by *bleep*s.

Car Numbers, Sponsors, Manufacturers, and Drivers Edit

  • 1 Pennzoil Chevrolet (Jimmy Neutron)
  • 2 Miller Lite Ford (Rudy Tabootie)
  • 3 GM Goodwrench Chevrolet (Eddy "The Intimidator" McRich)
  • 4 Kodak Chevrolet (Remy Buxaplenty)
  • 5 Corn Flakes Chevrolet (Imaginary Gary)
  • 6 Valvoline Ford (Professor Finbarr Calamitous)
  • 7 PHILLIPS Nation's Rent Chevrolet (Wanda)
  • 8 Budweiser Chevrolet (Homer Simpson)
  • 9 Kodiak Ford (Mojo Jojo)
  • 10 Aaron's Pontiac (Jimmy from "Ed, Edd n Eddy")
  • 12 Mobil 1 Ford (Snap White)
  • 14 Conseco Pontiac (Nelson Muntz)
  • 16 TV Guide Ford (Buttercup Simpson)
  • 17 DEWALT Power Tools Ford (Evil Jimmy Clone)
  • 18 Interstate Batteries Pontiac (Ed"Lumpy" Monobrow)
  • 19 MOTOROLA Ford (Eduardo)
  • 20 Home Depot Pontiac (Eddward "Double-D" Marion)
  • 21 CITGO Ford (Princess Morbucks)
  • 22 CATERPILLAR Pontiac (Sandy Cheeks)
  • 24 DUPONT Chevrolet (Timmy Turner)
  • 25 Michael Holigan Chevrolet (Trixie Tang)
  • 26 KMART Ford (Bubble Bass from "Spongebob Squarepants")
  • 28 TEXACO Havoline Ford (Sheldon J. Plankton)
  • 31 LOWE'S Chevrolet (Blooreguard Q. "Bloo" Kazoo)
  • 32 Tide Ford (Blossom Neutron)
  • 33 Oakwood Homes Chevrolet (Mac Kazoo)
  • 36 M&Ms Pontiac (Spongebob Squarepants)
  • 40 Coors Light Chevrolet (Bart Simpson)
  • 42 Bellsouth Chevrolet (Cindy Vortex)
  • 43 STP Pontiac (Bubbles Turner)
  • 44 Hot Wheels Pontiac (Kevin)
  • 45 Spree/Sprint Chevrolet (Sheen Estevez)
  • 55 Square-D Chevrolet (Stanley S. Squarepants)
  • 60 Power Team Chevrolet (Francis Bull-E)
  • 66 Route 66 KMART Ford (Fuzzy Lumpkins)
  • 71 Real Tree Chevrolet (Cosmo)
  • 75 Dinner & A Show/Pizza Hut Ford (Patrick Star)
  • 77 JASPER Ford (Rolf)
  • 88 Quality Care Ford (Lisa Simpson)
  • 93 Amoco Pontiac (Evil Officer Mike Brikowski)
  • 94 McDonald's Ford (Squidward Tentacles)
  • 97 John Deere Ford (Penny Sanchez)
  • 99 EXIDE Batteries Ford (Denzel Crocker)

Race Winner Edit

  • 43 STP Pontiac (Bubbles Turner)

Number Of Laps Edit

  • 325

Number Of Cautions Edit

  • 8

Quotes Edit

Quote 1 Edit

  • (wiki-special opens inside Atlanta Motor Speedway, inside Edd and Jackie's hauler, with Edd, Jackie, Timmy, Bubbles, Edd, Lisa, Colin, Sandy, Spongebob, Mac, Bloo and Ed, eating breakfast)
  • Bloo: I don't know why you all are so gloomy, because I'm the happiest one of us all! Cheer up, people!
  • Mac: Bloo, I told you for the last time! This isn't the time to be fooling around. We're all going through a tough time, ESPECIALLY Mr. Fassler!
  • Bloo: What?! I really don't get what's the big deal here?!
  • Jackie: *horrified gasp* Bloo, how could you say that?! Can't you see that Pops of Pops' Moon Palace had passed away a few days ago? He's the reason why we are all still glum to this day. We even went to his wake 2 days ago to pay our last respects to the deceased restaurant owner. Johnny Bravo, his mother, neighbor Suzy, Carl, even MR. FASSLER was a wreck!
  • Edd: Jackie's right, Bloo. Mr. Fassler was VERY close to Pops, and they were best friends ever since they were classmates back in high school. The cause of Pop's passing was A.L.S.
  • Bubbles: *horrified gasps* W-W-What is A.L.S?
  • Ed (stupidly): Ooh! Is it an Alien-Licks-Scalp disease?!
  • Bubbles: *horrified gasp* Is that what it means?!
  • Edd: No Bubbles, what Ed says is pure fictitious. What A.L.S REALLY is is a disease that attacks the nerve cells. Humans lose their abilities to move, communicate, and breathe. The disease is also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, due to the fact New York Yankees legend, Lou Gehrig had died of it in 1941, giving A.L.S an appropriate name.
  • Bubbles: *tears up* T-th-that's horrible! I wish diseases like that could be cured PERMANENTLY-! *cries*
  • Timmy: Trust me, Bubbles. I'm just as sad as you. Last year, my Grandpa Pappy died of ALS, and you comforted me that night I was crying so heavily.
  • Spongebob (in tears): Not only that, Pops was Aaronsville's top cook! He even knew some Krusty Krab recipes...and n-n-now he-he-he-he can't make any Krabby Patties anymore! *cries sweetly, then Sandy hugs him warmly to sooth him*
  • Sandy (soothingly / in tears/ while holding Spongebob): Aw, there, there, little square dude. Pops would want you to remember him by racing in his honor and he knows YOU'RE the one that can carry on a legacy for cooks deceased or retired everywhere!
  • Spongebob (in tears): O-O-Okay, Sandy. I will remember that. Pops wants me to be happy and enjoy my life racing and making Krabby Patties like he loved doing all throughout his life.
  • Mac: That's right. And because we're Team Fastex we WILL win this race, Heaven's light WILL glow upon us and it WILL be a sure sign that it's Pops watching from the great beyond!
  • Lisa: And this race is sponsoring his restaurant in loving memory of him, and Johnny Bravo and his family are giving the command for this race.
  • Colin: It's nice to know that a restaurant owner had customers who were close and loyal friends to the point they would attend his funeral and give the command for the race in his honor.
  • Ed: Like fruit-bats?!
  • Edd (annoyed): *short pause* Puh-lease! (scene cuts to "NASCAR Raceday: Served By The Krusty Krab")

Quote 2 Edit

  • (At the Team Fastex team meeting)
  • Jack Fassler: I want you to all meet our newest member of Team Fastex. That will be working with us for the rest of the season, and many years to come. *Karen enters* Team Fastex... meet Karen! *all gasp in horror*
  • Timmy: Mr. Fassler! How could you?! She'll trick all of us! She's Plankton's computer wife!
  • Karen: NOT ANYMORE, Timmy. I have HAD IT with Plankton! Technically, I wasn't even MARRIED to him, and I NEVER tolerated his evil, sinister, hostile, vulgar, lowlife,sneaky, shrewdness, possessiveness, greedy, and untrustworthy personality. So therefore, I am NO LONGER Plankton's so-called "computer-wife" and NO LONGER working for that evil cheating Team REXCOR.
  • Timmy: I wish I could believe you, Karen!
  • Megan: No, Karen is right, Timmy.
  • Timmy: Whatta ya mean, Megan?!
  • Megan: Excuse me, first of all, I didn't accept the way you just shouted at me, Timmy. And second, I know Karen like a book. I can tell you the story about her, and Karen will provide the actual footage from years ago. Please roll it Karen.
  • Karen: Certainly, Megan. *starts the footage, starting from when she was stocked on the shelves at the Bikini Bottom Computer Store*
  • Megan (narrating): Karen was built by the Bikini Bottom tech company 2 years ago. As soon as she was built, she had been immediately brought to the Bikini Bottom Computer Store. I was in that store once looking for a computer to use to grade your homework and exams from when you were in Team Fastex NASCAR school with us, when I saw Karen. Me and Karen had warmed up to each other and began being close after spending weeks of searching and talking to her. Me and her shared similar qualities, and our personalities matched perfectly. It was nearly closing time for the store one night, and I was running out of days to look for a computer in time for the school year. I had decided to purchase Karen. I was told by the employees there that there was no time to purchase her and take her home at the same time, so I asked the people there if I could pay them now have them deliver Karen to Team Fastex Headquarters the next morning. They had agreed with me and promised to take good care of Karen. But one stormy night, the power went out, and the security system didn't work. Plankton had decided to break in and look for a computer to steal and rip off. He somehow found Karen, not knowing her yet. And had decided to steal her and replace her with a fake model of her computer-body.
  • Plankton (on Karen's footage): *while running off with Karen (boxed up) in the nasty storm* (in a singing voice) Here comes the bride!!!! All boxed in white!!!! (in regular voice) I win... I win.... I WIN!!!! *chuckles evilly as he leaves the scene, then the scene fades into the store at the scene of the ripoff*
  • Megan (narrating): I found out the next morning when I got a call that morning that Karen had been stolen, much to my despair. *scene fades into Megan on her cellphone*
  • Fish from "Lost Mattress" (on the phone / on Karen's footage): I'm sorry, Ms. Fassler, your computer, Karen, we had promised you had been stolen overnight due to last night's citywide power outage from last night's storm affecting our store's security system.The suspect was never identified, but us, and the Bikini Bottom Police Department will now undergo investigation so we can hopefully give you, Karen if she's not harmed.
  • Megan (on Karen's footage): *hangs up* *sad sigh* Much to my despair. *tears up*
  • Megan (narrating): I knew in my viciously beating heart that Karen was in deep trouble. Plankton had THREATENED a frightened Karen if she doesn't do what he says, listen to him, or help him steal the Krabby Patty secret formula, he would install a very EVIL floppy disk inside her, which if installed, changes her personality in the worst way. (a similar way he threatened Spongebob with the robot-chef in the "Spongebob Squarepants" episode, "Welcome To The Chum Bucket"). So she reluctantly helped him with his evil plots to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula, so Plankton wouldn't install that floppy disk. He tried sneaking it in one night while Karen was asleep, but after many failed and unsucessful attempts at doing so in one night due to Karen's ultra-sensitive nighttime security system/burglar alarm (even when unplugged), he still would need to threaten her during the day to install the evil floppy disk in her hard drive. Most of the times, Plankton's failed attempts of stealing the Krabby Patty formula were on account of Karen's cleverness, but Karen still remains fearful of if Plankton finds out she butchered his plots, she would install the evil floppy disk. I found out that Karen was forced to work for REXCOR by seeing Karen rolling with the team, and looking at me with the "Save me, Megan!" look on her face. I read the look on her face and decided to hack in using Jimmy Neutron's hacking in computer device to communicate with Karen, I told her the only way to escape him is to act stern on him and leave him angrily and attack him, using her nighttime security-weapons as self defense. She left the Chum Bucket, and rolled all the way to Team Fastex Headquarters by herself, trying not to get caught by Garner Rexton. Karen came in crying, and me and dad (referring to Jack Fassler) had soothed her so much, and kindly gave her a software update to heal her, and a huge makeover. Now she no longer supports a floppy disk drive, and now she reunited with me, and now officially a member of the Team Fastex family. (footage ends with Karen seen without a floppy disk drive, smiling with tears in her eyes, hugging Megan)
  • Timmy (frightened / shivering / having a change of heart for Karen): (about all the pain Karen went through) Oh my gosh...Karen...I...I had no idea. I'm sorry I didn't believe you and that Plankton was such an evil jerk to you.
  • Bart (frightened): Oh, my God....
  • Rudy (scared / while shivering): Oh, no.....
  • Lisa (scared and tearful): How could you go through treacherous melee like that? Now I hate Plankton more than ever. *sad sniffs*
  • Spongebob (sobbing): How could Plankton take you away from Megan like that?!
  • Ed (scared and sad): How could the evil cyclop torture the poor T.V box with buttons?! Poor Karen!!!! *cries*
  • Edd (scared): My.... Plankton is worse than Eddy when it comes to manipulation and bullying.
  • Bubbles (crying): Plankton treated you so badly *sad gasps* A-A-And now I feel your pain!!!! *cries*
  • Karen: Don't worry, Bubbles. The suffrage is all over, and now I am back on the light side. I feel so happy and relieved to be working with you and using that evil, manipulative jerk Plankton's racing moves against him as well as the rest of the REXCOR drivers' moves.
  • Bubbles (still with tears in her eyes): B-B-But, w-w-what if you are r-r-really undercover for Plankton and REXCOR and l-l-lie to us about all you went through? I'm scared-stiff! *blows her nose with a tissue*
  • Karen (soothingly): Awwww... Bubbles. I am NOTHING like that. Betrayal is one of the things I strongly despise, and I wasn't built by the Bikini Bottom Computer works to be like that towards good, faithful, loyal, caring, honest, true, and loving people. So therefore, you have nothing to worry about, Bubbles. And in addition, I will NEVER reunite with that evil thief, Plankton, and I NEVER liked or loved him, don't worry.
  • Bubbles (with tears in her eyes / relieved): *sigh of relief* Thank you, Karen. I feel so much better now that you comforted my hurt and scared feelings.
  • Karen: You're very welcome, Bubbles.
  • Jack Fassler: Now that Karen is on our side, we can now perform well more than ever against REXCOR.

Quote 3 Edit

Quote 4 Edit

  • ("ESPN Speedworld Theme" plays)
  • Bob Jenkins (ESPN): ESPN welcomes you with live coverage of the 4th race of the 2000 NASCAR Winston Cup Series Team Championship, the Pops' Moon Palace 500 here at Atlanta Motor Speedway, in Hampton, Georgia! This extremely fast mile-and-a-half quad-oval has become one of the most intimidating, challenging, and fun tracks to race on. After the Spring 1997 race in this facility, the racetrack was newly reconfigured into this this shape in which the frontstretch of the old Atlanta facility is now the backstretch, and the backstretch of the old facility become the reconfigured quad-oval with the double-doglegs. Hello everyone, I'm Bob Jenkins alongside former NASCAR Champion, and race analyst, Benny Parsons. BP, this track is really fast and challenging, and these new drivers of this first ever Team Championship will soon learn the characteristics of this challenging facility.
  • Benny Parsons (ESPN): Indeed, Bob. "Hot-Lanta" WILL be the track that'll introduce new challenges for these drivers and teams to overcome for their first years in a racecar. This track has always been a fun but challengin' place to race on, and this race would be good practice for them when we return here for the NASCAR Winston Cup Series finale. (foreshadowing the "2000 NAPA 500 Fantasy Edition" wiki)
  • Bob Jenkins (ESPN): It has been a tough week for Team Fastex and ESPECIALLY Jack Fassler because earlier this week, the owner of Pops' Moon Palace for which this race is sponsoring, had passed away due to Lou Gehrig's disease. He was survived by his wife and kids, and loved by the Bravo family, his loyal customers, and he will be missed by millions worldwide. BP, he was a really close friend to Team Fastex owner, Jack Fassler.
  • Benny Parsons (ESPN): Indeed, Bob. He was so close to Jack Fassler and his family, especially to Johnny Bravo, Carl, Suzy, and Johnny's mom, his faithful and loyal customers. In addition, Pops was Aaronsville's top chef, and he would've been an excellent addition for a NASCAR concession stand. His restaurant is sponsorin' this race in his memory, and that he will always represent cooks and chefs worldwide, and most importantly, doin' what he loves to do best, and servin' up smiles.
  • Bob Jenkins (ESPN): Team Fastex has a new member starting today, and that member is Karen The Computer. That innocent computer really took a turn on Sheldon J. Plankton, didn't she?
  • Benny Parsons (ESPN): Indeed she did, Bob. Technically she wasn't his "computer wife". Because durin' the week, we found out that Sheldon J. Plankton was behind bars after Karen ratted him out to the police with the help of Jack Fassler durin' her software update, finally completin' their investigation on the Bikini Bottom Computer Store break-in from 2 years back. Garner Rexton had bailed him out Friday mornin' before comin' to the racetrack even though we never practiced and qualified due to the rain showers for the past 2 days, but Plankton has a whole lotta ground to make up.
  • Bob Jenkins (ESPN): Will Karen's first event working for Team Fastex pay off? We will find out in 325 laps. The drivers are ready, the fans are ready, and WE are ready for the command to start engines in the Pops' Moon Palace 500. Let's go trackside for the command!
  • Track P.A Announcer: And now for the most famous words in all of motorsports, please welcome your grand marshals, proud loyal customers of Pops' Moon Palace, and close friends of the late Chef Pops, Johnny Bravo, Ms. Bravo, Carl, and Suzy! *crowd cheers loudly*
  • Carl: Thank you so much for having us do this special honor for NASCAR, especially Pops, our good ol' friend of ours. *crowd cheers loudly*
  • Suzy: He was VERY close to us, especially Team Fastex owner, Jack Fassler, and the whole entire team of Team Fastex. *crowd cheers loudly*
  • Ms. Bravo: Pops will now and forever look down on all of us and Team Fastex, and make sure we're all safe, and that Team Fastex wins this race in his memory. *crowd cheers loudly*
  • Johnny Bravo: In honor of our late friend, Pops.... it is our privilege and honor to say.... (with Carl, Suzy, and Ms. Bravo) GENTLEMEN, START YOUR ENGINES!!!! *crowd cheers EXTREMELY loudly*
  • Johnny Bravo (in unison to the crowd HYSTERICALLY cheering): WE LOVE YOU, POPS!!!!
  • [engines start and rev loudly, in unison to the HYSTERICALLY cheering crowd]

Quote 5 Edit

  • Bob Jenkins (ESPN / in unison to the HYSTERICALLY cheering crowd): The rain has moved away, still under cloudy skies, but it doesn't dampen the spirits of this capacity crowd here at Atlanta Motor Speedway! *crowd cheers louder as the pace-car pulls into the pits* After several laps of caution to dry the track, the pace-car has pulled of the track, and Team Fastex drivers, Ed Monobrow and Bloo Kazoo will lead the field down to the start/finish line... *cars accelerate to take the green flag waved by Johnny Bravo, in unison to the HYSTERICALLY cheering crowd*... as Johnny Bravo waves the green flag! Glad you're with us on ESPN as the Pops' Moon Palace 500 is underway! *cars race on and off Turns 1 & 2* (as the cars race down the backstretch) 3-wide racing down the backstretch! That's Eddward Marion in car #20, another Team Fastex driver taking the lead after that move in the inside groove! Here's the field moving off of corner #4, and it appears as if Eddward Marion is gonna lead Lap #1 and indeed he does! (the field races past the start/finish line to complete Lap #1 out of 325 laps / in unison to the HYSTERICALLY cheering crowd as they pass by)
  • Benny Parsons (ESPN): (as the cars race in Turns 1 & 2, on the backstretch, backstraightaway, and in Turn #3): Man oh, man! That's a gutsy move *scene cuts to Edd's rear onboard camera* by Double-D, makin' it 3-wide down the backstretch to make his move! Now his Fastex teammate, Ed Monobrow's right up on the back-bumper, and here comes Snap White! He's on the inside of teammate Bloo Kazoo!

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Trivia Edit

  • Since this is the 2000 season, the commentators on TV (ESPN) will be Bob Jenkins & Benny Parsons (1941-2007), and the ESPN pit reporters will be Bill Weber, Matt Yocum, Dr. Jerry Punch, Dick Berggren, and Wally Dallenbach.
  • The PRN Radio commentators for this wiki-race will be Mark Garrow & Doug Rice (in the booth), Rob Albright (Turns 1 & 2), Pat Patterson (backstretch, backstraightaway, Turns 3 & 4)
  • The pit reporters (PRN Radio) will be Brett McMillan, Steve Richards, Jim Noble, Pat Patterson, Brad Gillie, Wendy Venturini, Hermie Sadler, and Brendan Gaughan.
  • The Performance Racing Network (PRN Radio) debuts in this wiki-race episode.
  • This wiki-race is a special tribute in loving memory of Pops' voice actor from "Johnny Bravo", Larry Drake (1949-2016).

Atlanta Motor Speedway Edit

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